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Jackson's Swim School

Baby Swimming at Jackson's


Are you thinking of swimming lessons for your little one - that's great!

Jackson's Swim School is proud to be directly associated with WABC World Aquatic Babies & Children's Network. You can be assured that our teacher's are trained in all the latest techniques, so as to give your little one the best possible start to swimming lessons and to help develop a love and respect of the water.

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The benefits of taking your baby swimming are numerous and include:

  • it is crucial that babies acquire different kinds of movements and physical abilities during their first year of life, in order to promote the development of higher functions of the brain. Swimming gives babies free movement, meaning they can develop actions they wouldn't otherwise have had the opportunity to experience;
  • despite the relatively gentle structure of the lessons, each provides a complete physical work-out: strengthening your baby's heart, lungs and respiratory system - which again aids development of the brain;
  • swimming is excellent for improving core muscle development and co-ordination;
  • regular swimming often improves eating and sleeping patterns;
  • learning to respond to commands can make your baby sharper mentally, increasing levels of awareness and understanding;
  • it's fun, socially stimulating (for both you and your baby!) and an excellent way to bond with your child. 

Consider enrolling your baby into our "Tiny Tadpoles" or "Floating Frogs" baby classes.  Classes are specifically designed to ensure a positive first introduction to the water and are a fantastic bonding experience for mum/dad & bub.

At the moment we have limited vacancies on;

Monday - 11.30am

Tuesday - 10.00am

Wednesday - 11.30am 

Thursday - 9.30am

Friday - fully booked

Saturday - 11.30am




 Please  Kelli or Terry on 42674585 if you have further enquiries about our baby classes.

SWIMMING facilitates Bonding and the Sense of TOUCH for Your Little One! 

Parents are often unaware that, of the five senses, touch is the most sensitive and well-developed at birth.  Numerous studies have proven – and what parents in other cultures seem to know instinctively – is that touch isn’t just something “nice” for baby; it’s absolutely essential – to bonding, to growth and development, and to present and future emotional well-being.

Parents may believe that by allowing their babies “alone time,” they’re helping them grow up to be independent individuals.  The irony is that babies who are touched, played with, and carried near the body tend to have stronger bonds with their mothers – and the resulting secure attachment means a less dependent, more self-reliant child in the long run.  Studies have also shown that most-touched babies are less prone to later physical violence and more prone to be trusting, confident, and resilient.

Babies, for the sake of their motor and cognitive development, also need to move!  When they spend too much time immobilized, they never strengthen their muscles – to lift and turn their heads, to push up on their arms, to develop optimal balance, stability, and motor skills.  Early movement experiences are also considered essential to the neural stimulation (the “use-it-or-lose-it” principle involved in the keeping or pruning of brain cells) needed for healthy brain development.