Jackson's Swim School

Jackson's Swim School

Swimmer of the Week!

Each week we congratulate our 'Swimmer's of the Week'

This is a fantastic achievement. Well done boys and girls!!


Week 2

Cooper McCann

Nelle - May Makowski

Kiara Morgan


Week 4 - Travis Brain

Week 5 - Chelsea Quinn


Week 6 - William Soster

Week 7 - Zachary Doran


Week 8 - Max Miller Tamsitt



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  • "Dear Terry, Kelli & Team, Thank you so much for having foresight & confidence in Krystal & her abilities. Because of this, along with your skills and patience, she was a pure j..."
    Jennie, Tony & Krystal
    "Happy Mum"
  • "We had such a great time Monday thanks to all we'll give Friday 9am a go BUT loved the 12noon class Neave hasn't stop talking about little sophie her fwend ....to cute!"

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