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Jeffery Mimms
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The major opponent to Apple’s iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S4 will be on sale in the following days at American carriers, including T-Mobile, Sprint and Nextel.

Around seven carriers in the United States and seven retailers will sell the S4 as comfirmed by the South Korea's Samsung office which is based in Suwon. T-Mobile, like for example, will set the release date on the 24th of April, and they are planning to be the first carrier to sell the said new device. Sprint will then follow a few days later on 27th April. On the other hand, AT&T has just announced that it is planning to release the phone on the 30th of April. Verizon, the biggest carrier has not set their date yet.

The Galaxy S4 was launched last month, March at a luxurious affair in New York, which represents that they are the largest threat to the iPhone’s dominance in the American market. The S4 has a bigger screen. The processor is faster and better, and that the camera of the S4 has a higher resolution. This automatically puts pressure on iPhone to match these specifications. However, it is still not certain if when will Apple will launch its new iPhone version..

Avi Greengart, an analyst has said that the main reason why Samsung also has a vast following is because of Samsung’s marketing arm. Nevertheless she also affirmed that the US market today is so large, therefore there is enough room for Samsung and Apple.

The Samsung smartphone also gives a good chance for stores to jockey for consumers. Like for instance, Wal-Mart, the biggest retailer will offer the phone for $168 but with a contract for two years from AT&T. Sprint, on the other hand, will also sell the S4 to new customers for only $149.99 under a contract, but those who have already subscribed can pay for it for only $249.99..

On the other hand, T-Mobile will likewise reveal its new plan of installments to sell their smart phones together with the unveiling of Galaxy S-4 in their stores. They’re offering the S4 for a down payment costing $149.99, which will then be paid in the long runtag along by payments made monthly. Hence, this offer is part of their latest Simple Choice Strategy, which doesn’t need consumers to be in a contract for a long period.

Samsung, however, will take advantage of the fame it gained with the Galaxy’s previous versions. Thus, the newest model is boasting of having an extended battery life of around twenty percent as compared to the previous models. Users would as well enjoy the picture-in-picture photos with the use of the front and rear facing cameras. Moreover, consumers who really liked the Galaxy S3, will surely like the new model of Samsung, the S4.

Furthermore, an application which you can download on your soon to be owned Galaxy S4 is the app called PowerClick. Actually, it’s the most recent and most advance mobile interaction solution from Dynamic International Services today. Essentially, you can utilize this app to turn your device as another “clicker” or also called wireless voting keypad. As a result, this solution is best for certain companies who want to do a product survey for their shops across many states in the US. In fact, one will only hire a field workers locally, and they can download the application immediately. Likewise the checking of the validity of the survey results is done in real time, which makes it a very little room for errors. You may contact Dynamic Services International for a free demo at, Tel: 212-997-2000 or email them at [email protected]

Powercom ARS and response keypads here

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Max Conner
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Just thinking what best to get, the iPhone 5s or the Samsaung Galaxy S4. Any idea, I am not thnking about the cost of plan or the device but I am into specs wise.


"gadget case designer of http://www.kekacase.com/"

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